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We Are Coming


Who Are We

Joan Fernandez, Author

Through blood, sweat and righteous tears I squeezed out the first draft of an historical fiction novel this year. Fingernail by fingernail I’m scaling up the cliff of writing a novel.


The climb is ‘cause it’s time. It’s my turn to write what I want to say.


Because after decades of (happily) writing for corporate entities, I’ve discovered I have to scrub off the sanitized language and emotional filters I’d implanted into my writing. Writing for others meant slipping on the coats of their voices. So, now that it’s my turn, my novel, it’s a joy to be revising and refining my own voice. Trying to tell a story about an unsung heroine. A woman who made a big impact and is only barely known, Jo van Gogh-Bonger (Stay tuned…)

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