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                Best Vincent van Gogh Quotes
to Live a Life True to Yourself

Top 10

There are two downloads below: One version is a mini-poster of the quotes (no folding needed). The second version is a little zine you’ll need to print and fold.

Designed by Maria Cavallini, iCreate, LLC.

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Designed by Maria Cavallini, iCreate, LLC.

What I Learned Reading 

Vincent's Letters

I had to read them.

All 902 letters: Mostly to his brother Theo, but a smattering of other notes to fellow artists and family members.

For even though Vincent is already dead during the time period of the book I’m writing, he is central to the entire story. My protagonist and real-life heroine is his sister-in-law, Jo, and how she persisted for fifteen years to save Vincent’s artwork. 

Why did she keep going? It’s a question I’ve wondered about a lot. Some argue that Jo was simply being a good wife, following up on her husband’s dream. Others assume it was for her son—if she could build up the artwork’s value, then the value of her son’s inheritance would improve. 

Yet, I couldn’t help believing that Jo had to have her own reasons.


You can read the full blog here.

The 902 letters came from six volumes acquired from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

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