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The Other Einstein

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

By Marie Benedict

Raw portrayal of grief and triumph in life choices

Absorbing story of a brilliant woman scientist Mileva (Mitza) Einstein, Albert Einstein’s first

wife. I loved how the story structure is divided into three parts. Each begins with one of

Newton’s laws of motion to describe the movement of the protagonist Mitza -- caught

between the drive to use her own talents to a desire for partnership with her husband to final steps of independence.

The historical backdrop is fascinating with its mix of famous scientists, the Nobel Prizes, Einstein’s career from nobody to somebody, anti-Semitism, prejudice against Eastern Europeans, traditional expectations for women and more. The narrative is touching and personal. I found myself returning to the prologue again and again, until finally the epilogue

brought tears to my eyes. Excellent portrayal of the spirit of a forgotten woman – thank you to Marie Benedict for giving her a voice.

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