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The Woman in the Window

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

By A.J. Finn

Delightfully creepy thriller

This story is a delicious thriller. It has a creepiness that grows on you as you realize the narrator is unreliable. Is she woozy with hallucination from pills or wine or does she speak the truth about what she witnessed… a murder, denied by everyone, including the victim?! Unless it’s someone else who died?

With a plot similar to Hitchcock’s movie classic, Rear Window, this story centers around a woman, Anna Fox, who is trapped in her house by agoraphobia, or the fear to leave it. Her safe haven becomes a trap when she won’t give up the idea that her neighbors are not who them seem. The brilliant pace and climax kept me up late at night guessing and reading – the surprising reveal was worth the lost sleep.

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