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Greta’s Grace

By Virginia McCullough

Beautiful mother/daughter story.

Through simple acts and misconstrued dialogue and hidden vulnerability this story traces the achingly jittery emotional journey of attempts to reconcile an estranged mother/daughter relationship.

The stakes are high when the daughter, Greta, faces a cancer diagnosis and her mother, Lindsey, longs to connect. In the best of times, the worst decisions can be made, surfacing fears and regrets.

We follow Lindsey through her good and bad choices with Greta and the new future she ultimately figures out. I admire author McCullough’s ability to invest the reader in each character so that we feel the awful tension in this relationship, and get carried along as the situation ripples out to affect other characters.

I was hooked, deeply engaged, seeing myself in Lindsey as a career-driven mom who looks back and winces at some of the decisions made in distracted moments.

This personal connection for the reader is the subtle mark of McCullough’s talent. She delivers another winner with GRETA’S GRACE.

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