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Finding Perfect

By Colleen Hoover

Instantly caught up and invested!

I’ve been curious about Colleen Hoover – four bestsellers on the NYT Bestseller List at the same time! – so when I spotted this novella, Finding Perfect, I thought, “Great! A small story to give me a quick idea of her writing.” I was not disappointed.

This lovely 90-page story introduced me to familiar characters to Hoover fans with a tension-filled event designed to fit neatly into her Hopeless series. To be able to write a story that’s both standalone and contiguous takes some writing craft chops.

I felt swept into the circle of friends in which each character—Daniel, Six, Holder, Sky and Breckin—was distinct enough that I didn’t feel left behind by not reading the series. And for this single story, since the plot circles around a single event involving Daniel and Six where the stakes are so immediately high, I was instantly caught up and invested. Reading Finding Perfect was a win-win: I have insight into Colleen Hoover’s popularity, and it was an engrossing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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