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Expect to Win

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

By Carla A. Harris

Clear and compassionate how-to-win career advice

Funny timing – our women’s ‘investment reading book club’ chose to read Expect to Win over the holidays because we wanted lighter reading versus the usual investment topics. Little did we know that when we all met the majority of us had either just changed jobs or in the midst of looking. Perfect timing! Carla Harris is tough, compassionate and straight forward in her career advice.

Among the ah-ha moments: Getting a sponsor in your career is neither magical or

random, instead she tells how to ask for one. The 90-day plan and how it works for the first 90 days in a role and how to build a new skill. Choosing the three adjectives you want to be

defined by. Noting the “Frequently Wrong, Never in Doubt” people and how to make your

mark. This book’s structure of 10 strategies and end-of-chapter summaries makes it quick to

digest and act on. Here’s my favorite quote from the book: “When I get up in the morning, I

start out with the intention that am going to be triumphant in my day.” Excellent inspirational

how-to book.

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