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Well-Behaved Wives

By Amy Sue Nathan

1960s good behavior turned upside down!

Amy Sue Nathan does it again…and then some. This author has a way of weaving together girlfriend relationships—the interplay, the conversation, the unwritten protocols—bringing the reader into their inner circle.

In WELL-BEHAVED WIVES the story is set in the 1960's and we meet Ruth Appelbaum, a New York City girl transported into the Philadelphia suburbs where her new husband takes a new corporate job.

Encouraged by her venerable mother-in-law, Lillian Diamond, Ruth joins an etiquette class on how to acclimate into a perfect society wife, and in order to support her husband’s career. Of course, behind every perfect façade, there’s a dark underbelly. Ruth discovers the dark secret of a new friend, Carrie.

Caught between the Stepford Wives-shiny perfection espoused in class, and a shadow reality, Ruth calls upon her new intrepid girlfriends from the class. The result is fast-paced and fun, revealing secrets and surprises. Excellent story.

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