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Water Wisdom: A Voyage of Discovery

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

By Robert H. Wellington

Strange visitors, portage adventures and upending time

True to its title, "Water Wisdom: A Journey of Discovery," I found myself on a similar journey reading this slender story. The setting is in a beautiful remote northern Canadian woods; the protagonist is a young man named Hall. Even though it's quickly apparent that he's an experienced camper, comfortably traversing rapids and portaging expertly, he's relatable -- Hall works in a city, has a girlfriend and had planned the getaway to answer the disquiet in his soul.

What follows is a thought-provoking, surprising series of events that lead to a mental journey of awakening and purpose. The author knits together physics, metaphysics, science and spirituality within an easygoing dialogue between Hall and a surprise visitor. You may find it reads as a journey of RE-discovery -- I highly recommend it.

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