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The Orchid Tattoo

By Carla Damron

High-strung, page-turner story.

Suspenseful, creepy, this story thrusts forward, driven by the tenacious heartsick insistence of social worker Georgia, who is looking for her missing sister, Peyton.

As she follows her sister’s footsteps we are led deeper and deeper into a criminal human trafficking ring. Tightening the tension are the perspectives of two women caught up in it (“Kitten” a trafficked sex worker and Lillian, a victim-turned-madam), whom Georgia unwittingly endangers by her sleuthing. And if that wasn’t enough, Georgia battles with internal voices intent on battling for control of her mind.

What a high-strung page-turner story author Damron has written. She earns kudos too for deftly walking the line on a charged subject. Instead of detailed ugly sex scenes she illustrates the weighted emotion—helplessness, resignation—human trafficking elicits, causing us to root even harder for these women.

THE ORCHID TATTOO is a book that sheds light on a topic hidden in plain sight. On mental illness too.

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