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Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

By Taylor Jenkins Reid

A sweet surprise!

Delicious book. Taylor Jenkins Reid delivers another multi-faceted story from a captivating premise. This one explores the interplay when a reclusive starlet (Evelyn) offers a journalist (Monique) the chance to write a tell-all biography about her seven marriages.

With a deft touch Taylor Jenkins Reid weaves the two protagonists’ stories together for Evelyn has chosen Monique to be her biographer for a mysterious reason. As Evelyn gradually replays her life, Monique is drawn in and her sense of self upended.

For instance, Monique is biracial and has spent a lifetime objecting to others making assumptions about her identity. The tables turn: she feels the sting of making the same mistake when Evelyn points out that’s exactly the risk of her biography–to jump to conclusions early and put her life into a neat box. Hold out for the entire story. We can all relate, right?

Life is messy, unruly, and you’ll love reading this one right to its surprising end.

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