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The Companion

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Oozes elegant, sensual description

Imagine an author that oozes elegant, sensual description in her writing. Each action intentional, each observation finetuned. The Companion is an exquisite, chilling tale of lies and truths and loyalty and death that all jockey for front-row attention.

Inspired by the true circumstances of a young New England woman, Lucy Blunt, in the mid-1800’s, the mystery is unraveled bit by bit as Blakemore deftly dances from past to present to reveal Lucy’s story.

The story is dark and sometimes bittersweet since we know from the start what Lucy’s ultimate fate will be. But the journey is worth it. Lucy is a survivor. She didn’t create the circumstances she finds herself in, but she won’t give into them without a fight. Within Blakemore’s riveting prose, Lucy emerges as a vibrant woman hellbent on fighting for herself and on her own terms. Loved it.

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