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Baby One Last Time

By Harper Cross

Sarcastic, witty, razor-edged action (not to mention sex!).

This action-packed, amped up romp--from heart-thumping lust to gripping secret-agent tension—was a blast to read.

Our heroine, Cynthia, returns to an off-the-grid secret agency HEAT (Headquarters for the Elimination of Advanced Threats) after being fired for causing a deadly accident on a previous job. Intent on proving herself—and returning to the arms of her sexy ex-partner Derek—she must choose between following protocol for the team or going rogue by trusting her instincts to track down a Russian oligarch drug trafficker. Her decision places her team and the man she loves in far more danger than she counted on.

From the get-go, author Nancy Yeager had me hooked. I loved the protagonist’s voice—sarcastic and witty and razor-edged—so fun to read, but also disarmingly vulnerable when she finally lets her guard down. I imagined Yeager’s fingers flying across the keyboard having so much fun with Cynthia’s acerbic observations and keen quips.

This book is a win for readers who love fast-moving romantic suspense.

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